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Befana's is a Shih-Tzu kennel in the northern part of Sweden. In Boden in Norrbottens Län to be more precise.

I (Siw) live in a house in Sävast, a suburb 6 kilometres east of Boden, with my husband Tommy and our four Shih-Tzu bitches, Isa, Wilma, Dot and Alice. Ingrid lives in a house in Syden, 7 kilometres north of Boden, with Lasse and their two children, Christer and Magdalena, and four Shih-Tzu males, Kalle, Roffe, Ozzy and Harry.

I and Ingrid have been fellow alumni and friends for many years.

My first Shih-Tzu was born in 1976 in a house belonging to my father and his wife.

I became a member of the swedish organization Shih-Tzu Sällskapet (which later was reformed as Specialklubben för Shih-Tzu) in 1978. In 1979 I called a meeting in Skellefteå and together with Ingrid, Kent, Hasse and a few more, we started Norra Kretsen (the Northern Circle).

The first litter, as well as Plupp's only litter, was born in 1979. Ingrid has always been around and took the male, while I kept one of the bitches. That is how it all began. A few years later, Ingrid became a partner in the Kennel.

During the past years, there have been 6 litters. Not much breeding, but there have been a few Champions and even Cert winners. Happy dogs that love everyone!

There have been a break with puppies, mainly because of my illness. But we have been living with Shih-Tzu and dog shows during all these years that have now amassed to more than 30. After 15 years our seventh litter was born in the summer of 2007. Hope there will be some more in the future.

As someone once said (freely translated):

"I like these dogs. They are special and have wonderful personalities!"


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