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Name: Bobby
Kennel name: Gi-Jan's Faith And B Glory
Registration number: S54525/2000
Color: Golden-white
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 2000-10-17
Deceased: 2012
He is a real artist in relaxing and to take things calmly. He loves fruits and vegetables, but does not eat Kiwi.
FINUCH SUCHZiams Hugo BossS56300/97
SUCHGi-Jan's Clear-Chance LillisS53420/93
INTUCH NUCH SUCHGe-Mihs Phoenix Of FireS66821/88
INTUCH NORDUCHZiams XanaduS21296/96
INTUCH NORDUCH FINUCH Nv-96Formaregårdens ZorroS38556/88
SUCHGe-Mihs Miracle Of LoveS39590/87
INTUCH NORDUCHAnibes Qua-Lee-Tee-Bee
FINUCH SUCHGe-Mihs Gimmi Some Lovin
NORDUCHExtra Ordinary Tea Cake
INTUCH NORDUCHZiams Hot Vibrations
INTUCH NORDUCHAnibes Qua-Lee-Tee-Bee
Formaregårdens Katitzi
INTUCH NORDUCHAnibes No Matter What
NORDUCHBorea's Imperial Dibalove
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