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Name: Kajsa
Kennel name: Li-Lais Yas-E-Min
Registration number: S12524/94
Color: Black-white
Gender: Bitch
Birthdate: 1993-11-23
Deceased: 2006
A funny dog. Good at learning. Her limit was tracking in "easy terrain", Blueberry sprigs, that was over her ears. Try at home on the grass, they said at the dogclub. She did everything for a piece of savsage. When Robert (Tommys son) was here. She woke him up several times every night. A check that he was still there. She has left a BIG empty hole after her.
SUCH NUCHBymarkens Any SensationS21250/87
Li-Lais Up-To-TwoS11137/92
Anibes Oriental OpalS50897/84
Bymarkens Nothing But The BestS57249/82
Fossella Jeepers CreepersS35785/88
Befana's Eye Catching BeautyS58219/88
SUCHWhitethroat Jarvis
INTUCH NORDUCHYringhs No Stuffed Toi For Anibe
INTUCH NORDUCHGreenmoss Titfer-Tat
Bymarkens Weng-Chin
GBUCH SUCHKareth Kumuppance
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INTUCH SUCH SV-90 Sv-93Bombers Kej Two
Bombers Just A Passion
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