Befana's Kennel - 30 år med Shih-Tzu
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Name: Fiffi
Kennel name: Befana's Graffiti Girl
Registration number: S50662/92
Color: Brown-white
Gender: Bitch
Birthdate: 1992-06-26
Deceased: 2006
Tryed to warn me about Tommy. But in vain. Look she waves, said the children. And she did. Standing on her hindlegs waving with her forelegs. Took the first place after Muffi and keept it to the end.
SUCHJoy's Ice Cream SpecialS47701/89
Befana's Diamond From The BaronS59192/87
SUCH NUCH INTUCHGrandavon ViceroyS65513/88
SUCHJoy's Deep LoveS26993/87
NORDUCHBrisamar Baron-BucksealS28658/77
SUCH SFUCHBefana's Brown-SugarS32495/83
Zuthis Bugsy Malone
Prima Donna Of Grandavon
Joy's Always In Action
Tangse Sweet Mary Lou
SUCH SFUCHMy Toya's Eh-My-Sak
My Toya's Fawsia
INTUCH NORDUCH Nv-85Anibes X-Tra Special Oliver
Befana's Aurora
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