Befana's Kennel - 30 år med Shih-Tzu
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Muffi one year
Muffi one year

Welcome to Befana's kennel and to our beloved Shih-Tzus.
We present our presents dogs, puppies and also they who are preserved in our hearts.

Siw Westerlund   Ingrid Nilsson
Sävast Boden Syden
0921 - 73422 Sweden 0921 - 344010

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FKK Pello 2015-02-21
"Kalle" BOB vet, BIS 2 vet

SST ÖN:s Inoff Boden 2015-02-14
"Roffe" BOB vet, BIS vet
"Hedda" BOB valpkl 2
"Ior" BOS valpkl 2


BLKK Boden 2014-11-30
"Kalle" BOB BIS2 BOB-vet BIS-vet
"Ior" BOB valp2
"Hedda" BOS valp2

Kalix Lokala Kennelklubb 2014-11-02
"Kalle" BOB BOB-vet BIS-vet
"Ior" BOB valp

NKK Harstad Int 2014-10-04
"Ozzy" 1bhkl cert cacib BOS Championat
"Roffe" ck

T.R.I.N Piteå 2014-09-07
"Kalle" BOB-vet BIS2-vet
"Harry" BOB BIS3
"Hedda" BOB valp2 BIS valp2
"Ior" BOS

BHK Boden 2014-08-31
"Hedda" BOB valp
"Ior" BOS

SKK Överkalix 2014-08-23
"Harry" 4 bhkl
"Roffe" ck
"Kalle" ck
"Chess" ck
"Alice" 2 btkl

Norsk Shih Tzuklubb 2014-07-19
"OZZY" ck

SKK Int Piteå 2014-07-06
"Alice" ck 2 btkl r-cacib

SST Piteå 2014-07-05
"Alice" ck 1 btkl BOB
"Kalle" Bästa avelsgrupp

SKK Int Gällivare 2014-06-28
"Alice" ck 1 btkl cacib BOB BIG1 BIS5
"Harry" ck 4bhkl
"Kalle" Bästa avelsgrupp BIS2

FKK Int Rovaniemi 2014-06-22
"Kalle" BOB veteran

NKK Int Tromsö 2014-06-15
"Ozzy" ck
"Roffe" ck BOB veteran
"Alice" ck 2 btkl r-cert r-cacib

SKK Piteå 2014-05-18
"Chess" ck 4 bhkl r-cert
"Alice" ck BOS
"Kalle" Bästa avelsgrupp

SST Skellefteå 2014-05-03
"Harry" ck
"Kalle" ck
"Roffe" ck
"Alice" ck


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